Eligible Patient Groups and Practices

We have strict guidance on which patient groups we can vaccinate at a time. We are currently able to offer vaccination to all patients over 18 years old.

We are also able to offer the vaccination to healthy 16-17 year olds with no underlying health conditions. This will be for a single dose only. 


We are also providing booster vaccinations for certain patient groups including:

  • People aged 50+
  • People who live in care homes
  • People who are care workers
  • People aged 16+ with underlying health conditions
  • People aged 16+ who are the main carers of someone at high risk
  • People aged 16+ who live with someone who is clinically vulnerable

For information on which patients may not be suitable for COVID vaccination please click here.

We are working collaboratively with our WNN staff and clinicians to provide the COVID vaccine for eligible patients from all WNN Practices.

These are:

Click here for information on how to book your COVID Vaccine.

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