Eligible Patient Groups and Practices

We have strict guidance on which patient groups we can vaccinate at a time. We are currently able to offer vaccination to:


Patients over 70 who are not housebound or live in residential care.


We will shortly be offering vaccines to clinically vulnerable patients, we will invite these patients directly via text message and updates on this page. Please note patients will need to be coded as clinically vulnerable with their own practice in order to book a vaccine. We cannot ammend this list, if you feel you should have been included on the list please liaise with your practice directly.

We ask that patients kindly await invitation to book before doing so as we cannot book patients outside of specific cohorts.


We are also vaccinating our care home residents registered at the PCN Practices (below). This will be arranged and booked via the care homes themselves. For more information contact your own care home as they may need information regarding consent and allergies.

We are also vaccinating our housebound patients. We will be contacting these patients directly.


For information on which patients may not be suitable for COVID vaccination please click here.

We are working collaboratively with our WNN staff and clinicians to provide the COVID vaccine for eligible patients from all WNN Practices.

These are:

 ·         Ashfields Surgery

 ·         Cannock Road Surgery

 ·         Keats Grove Surgery

 ·         MGS Medical Practice

 ·         Prestbury Medical Practice

 ·         Showell Park Health Centre

 ·         Woden Road Surgery


Click here for information on how to book your COVID Vaccine.


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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!