What to expect on the day

You will be given a time for your vaccination appointment. Please ensure you turn up on time, we ask that you don't turn up early as we can only admit so many people to the building at one time.

You will be directed to the correct entrance by a steward - this is likely not to be the main entrance.

All staff will be wearing appropriate PPE and will observe social distancing. We ask that patients wear a mask and maintain social distancing on site. We will check your temperature on arrival.

On arrival you will need to give your name to the receptionist.

The receptionists and stewards will run through the screening checklist on arrival - this is very similar to the questions you will have been asked when you booked your vaccination.

You will then be looked after by the vaccination team who will take some details off you and enter your vaccination into the computer system. You will then receive your vaccination.

After your vaccination you will be invited to stay in our observation area for 15 minutes. While we cannot force you to stay, we do strongly recommend it. If you are more comfortable you are welcome to wait in your car if you travelled to the surgery in one. It is very important that you don't drive yourself for 15 minutes after vaccination. If you feel unwell sound your horn and a steward will come to you. There will be stewards in the observation area should you need assistance.

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